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Karynne Summars

Karynne Summars is a former international corporate finance professional turned author, screenwriter, film producer and journalist.

She is an Editor  and Senior Writer at the international luxury and inspirational lifestyle magazine The Hedonist and has previously been a contributing writer at various international publications. Her feature articles cover celebrity interviews, film reviews, entertainment and culture as well as international travel, humanitarian causes/events, and personal development.

With her upcoming book “Your Image Determines Your Success”, she would like to give people of all ages the tools to redesign their life as well as lead a more creative and purposeful life.

Her screenplays in the genres drama/true-life stories, psychological thriller and espionage thriller are written not only to provide entertainment but also to convey a meaningful message.

She has recently obtained the rights to a compelling book entitled “Sinatra, Gotti and Me” and its unpublished sequel with the working title “The Last Resort”, which she believes would make a captivating TV series along the lines of Goodfellas meets The Wolf of Wall Street.

Karynne is a supporter of various humanitarian causes with a special focus on domestic violence, sex and child trafficking as well as cruelty against animals.

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, she is an avid traveler who regularly attends various international cultural events, and a global citizen with residences in New York, Berlin, and Marbella, Spain.

Karynne's Personal Mission and Vision Statement

My mission is to succeed, entertain, empower, inspire, mentor and support worthy people and causes.

My vision is to be the best that I can be in my area of expertise and as a person. I strive to accomplish all my goals by investing in myself and spending the time to acquire the knowledge I need to move forward. 





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