Author / Screenwriter / Executive Film Producer


New York - Berlin - Marbella


Karynne Summars

Karynne Summars is a former international corporate finance professional turned author/screenwriter, freelance journalist and Executive Film Producer for Disturbed, The Empty Handed Painter,  Ella and Marilyn, and Desperate Pursuit in Venice. 

She is a contributing writer for the Italian luxury magazine Livein-Style, WHYTT Magazine, London, and PopImpressKA Journal, New York. Her feature articles cover entertainment and culture as well as international travel and personal development.

With her upcoming personal development advice book 'Your Image Determines Your Success', she would like to give people of all ages the tools to redesign their life and become more creative.

She is an avid traveler and highly engaged in various international cultural and entertainment activities.

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Karynne currently resides mainly in New York with additional residences in Berlin, Germany and Marbella, Spain.







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