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How Your Relationships Can Affect Your Image

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn


Your relationships are a part of who you are. It starts in childhood where you don’t have a choice what kind of family you are born into. There is not much you can do as a child to change your family relationships, however, as you grow up, you can choose whom to spend your time with outside of your family and whom to consider a mentor or close friend. Choose wisely because the people around you will influence how you behave and lead your life.

If you have not been born into a supporting family or one with a high degree of integrity, and there is no one in your immediate surroundings to be a good mentor, you owe it to yourself to find one outside of your family circles. When making friends surround yourself with positive and ambitious people. This will allow you to learn, grow as a person and become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. By becoming one of the tribe, you can build your new support and belief system. Be aware that your vibrations determine the people you attract. So prepare yourself. Start by reading books about personal development and personal growth, join like-minded groups and choose a mentor who can help you transform your thoughts and ultimately your life.

If you have problems developing positive long-term relationships, ask yourself what kind of vibes you are putting out that may turn people off, or that attract people who are not good for you. Be open to honest answers and constructive criticism. Ask trusted friends to give an honest answer what kind of vibe they are getting from you, then evaluate the answers and if necessary take corrective steps. Ask yourself how you affect other people’s life.


The “Guilty by Association” Syndrome

Hanging out with the wrong people can seriously damage your image and reputation as well as limit your success. Your present reputation determines what connections you can make and how successful you will be in the future. The perception that you are just like the person you are friends with is easily made by good people around you who may then avoid your company in order to protect their own reputation and success.


Business And Personal Relationships

The upcoming book Your Image Determines Your Success will address how your life partner could impact your career.

Excerpt from the upcoming self-help book Your Image Determines Your Success

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