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What Is A Positive Image And Why Is It Important?

Determined by your appearance, behavior, character and your social skills, your image can make or break you because it follows you into your professional and personal life.

Our first impression of a person is formed within seconds. Believe it or not, you are on a virtual stage every day being observed, listened to and judged. I am not talking about a higher power, but about regular people who may have an influence on your success.

If you have personal or professional relationship issues, which repeat themselves over and over, it may be a sign of a flawed image. What people perceive when they encounter you may turn them off and you may therefore be unable to establish good relationships or get the jobs you want. However, it’s not too late to turn it around. You can change and evolve. It’s just a matter of the right mindset and commitment as well as admitting that you may need some help. Being honest with yourself about your shortcomings is the first step to improvement. I am not the person I was five years ago. I constantly work on myself and I even reinvented myself professionally. 

About the Book

The upcoming how-to/self-help book is designed to suggest ways of image and personal development to people of all ages. It provides realistic advice allowing readers to eliminate chaos and negative thoughts in order to transform and enhance their life as well as lead a more creative life.

Unlike other personal development books, which typically focus on one specific area, this one addresses a person’s entire life ranging from appearance to health, image, financial responsibility, relationships, humanitarian and other guidance including an inspiring test people can take to analyze their life, learn more about themselves and take corrective steps where necessary. It also provides recommendations for further help by suggesting certain reading material or specific coaching.

Why I wrote this book

Many people are in a rut and/or lacking a good mentor. After having been asked by friends and acquaintances to assist them in various life situations and become a mentor, I decided to write this book in order to reach a broader audience and help people lead a more satisfying and creative life. I believe that helping people get a better life will ultimately result in a better world and reduce envy as well as violence by creating collaboration towards a common goal and becoming global citizens.

Target Audience

Anyone stuck in life looking for ways to improve and lead a more fulfilling, healthy and interesting life. Specifically, younger readers in need of empowerment and inspiration and those having suffered through a bad childhood or domestic violence who are lacking good mentors, direction and ideas how to get out of a rut and how to develop positive mutually rewarding relationships and life situations.

Due to the positive reinforcement and clear guidance, people with anxiety and depression may also benefit from the straightforward advice and positive thought process.