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Stronger Than Pretty

An Unlove Story

Filming in New York in Fall 2017



The Breaking Point

Premiere in NYC April 28, 2017. Available to pre-order on iTunes now. 

Watch Jim Thompson's life spin out of control.




Pasquale's Magic Veal, Meet Mario and Smack

Check out the Multi Award-Winning Films by D.J. Higgins and Julie Robinson

A dark comedy written and directed by D.J. Higgins. Produced by Julie Robinson nominated for 8 awards at the "Hold Onto Your Shorts" Film Festival.



Smack is a short film that shows addiction's ugly head in plain view. The story is based on real events and we hope to spread awareness as to how addiction kidnaps. more than just the addict. For more information please contact D.J. Higgins at

MEET MARIO. A film about racism. A young Italian man with an African-American father battles his girlfriend's racist brother and challenges his ignorance with his wit, intelligence and charm.