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Your Image Determines Your Success

Become The Amazing Person Everybody Wants To Have In Their Life.

Coming Soon:

The upcoming how-to/self-help book written by Karynne Summars is designed to suggest ways of image and personal development to people of all ages. It provides realistic advice allowing readers to eliminate chaos and negative thoughts in order to transform and enhance their life as well as lead a more satisfying and creative life.

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Ella and Marilyn 

A screenplay written by Karynne Summars and Laura Fay Lewis about the two icons, the First Lady of Jazz and the most popular sex symbol of the 50's. 

Also available to be optioned is Karynne's screenplay Desperate Pursuit in Venice, a romance drama thriller set in  Italy. 

Karynne is currently working on an espionage drama screenplay playing in Berlin, Germany in the 80's. 

Desperate Pursuit in Venice

This screenplay written by Karynne Summars, which is set mainly in Italy (Milan, Lake Como and Venice), is a contemporary romantic thriller and available to be optioned.

An ambitious private equity firm partner, who pursues the acquisition of a sought-after Italian company, which could catapult her firm to the top, encounters love, obsession and danger when the CEO of the target company becomes infatuated with her and spins out of control.